Here We Go!

Whew! I apologize for taking so long to update everyone. Even though there haven’t been updates here, I’ve been plugging away s-l-o-w-l-y. At the end of September, I took some time to be with family during my grandmother’s last days and then a few weeks to recharge. After that, there was a baby and a shoulder surgery and another baby. Through all that, though, WomanSpace dreaming and planning was always in the back of my mind. My binder of ideas has continued to grow and the plans were starting to look more solid.

A few weeks ago, I met with the manager of a local business about utilizing some empty space in the building. We had spoken before, casually, about these ideas but this time it was different. I made an appointment, made a list of what I wanted to say and how to say it, then laid out the plans. The vision went over well and the manager agreed to put me in touch with the owner of the building. Eek!

A few days later, the owner called me. I described what I was wanting to do and then I decided to just go for it, to vocalize what the absolute ideal would be for WomanSpace right now. I said that what I *really* wanted was the entire suite available, at the budget WomanSpace could afford, with the idea that we would grow. I didn’t know if this would go over, but I figured it was worth a shot. IT WORKED!

So, this afternoon, we are meeting to go over final details, provide some money for the first month’s rent and get a key. A space. WomanSpace is real. It’s happening. I’m still shaking from the excitement.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for supporting this vision. Thank you for providing encouragement. Thank you for believing it can happen. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. We’re really doing this!


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