clarity  Every day, a new idea pops up about a class or a group or *something* that could be done at WomanSpace. There are so many great ideas from so many people in the Rolla community, it can be hard to settle on only a few. Several weeks ago, I gained a bit of clarity about what *I* (Summer) can specifically do here and what my unique role is. Since my passion revolves around those in the childbearing stage, it makes sense that my role at WomanSpace also centers around that time period. I resisted this for quite some time, as it is important to me that all women in this community feel supported and nurtured, not just those in a particular stage of life. I felt that I would be letting all of you down if I focused on one area. However, what I’ve come to realize is that because I am so deeply connected to that area, it benefits WomanSpace for me to pursue those avenues and bring in others who have different passions. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that come with fiercely pursuing my passion while encouraging others to do so as well. How far can we go and what will come next?!


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