What Does Kid-Friendly Really Mean?



We have said many times that WomanSpace is “kid-friendly”…but what does that mean?  In our current society, many of us are unsure what it means to have a place that isn’t geared toward kids (Chuck E Cheese pizza) but is friendly for kids. We want to define it so there is no confusion.

Children are, and always will be, welcome at WomanSpace. 

There is a dedicated playroom with toys, books, and a chalkboard where kids can play..supervised or unsupervised.

11223685_1000640039994097_3264748436401632925_nEverthing in WomanSpace is arranged with the understanding that children play throughout the building. This means that no one is going to get angry if little Johnny pulls down the tie-dye shirts for sale, or if Suzy eats some dirt out of the plant. It also means that sometimes you will walk in and see a trail of toys leading to the bathroom, where Suzy and Johnny worked together to build a massive duplo skyscraper. Or, you might have to take your cell phone conversation outside because they are putting on a very loud puppet show. And that is okay with us.



We take pride in having a space that welcomes not only us as women, but also our families. It’s important to us that this community have safe spaces where we can gather with our children and still get the support we need. In that vein, WomanSpace invites you to come visit us…kids or no kids, but know that there will always be kids, a little bit of mess, and a lot of love.






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